LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Men

Short lived, and easily corrupted, Men are the race of Destiny in Middle Earth. From the throne in Gondor, Men will rule the Earth long after the Third Age passes out of memory. Although some men great and noble men, such as Aragon live hundreds of years, most struggle and burn and die out at a much younger age.

Driven by the passion and fierce will of a life so compressed into only a handful of decades on Middle Earth, the horse-lords of Rohan, and the soldiers of Gondor serve as fierce soldiers against Mordor. Others, such as the wicked men of the north are corrupted by desire and ambition and the deceit of Sauron. The virtue of a man is never constant, and can not be determined by appearance alone. They are the hope of all the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, but also fight along the orcs of Mordor.

The deadliest of Sauron’s servants, the Nazgul, or Ring Wraiths were mortal men corrupted and controlled through the Rings of Power. Because of this capacity for both good and evil, and the ease with witch they are turned by the Dark Lord, human NPCs are the most complex and interesting characters in LOTRO.

Only Humans can play as all available classes: Champion, Guardian, Captain, Burglar, Hunter, Minstrel, and Lore-master