LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Hobbit

Most hobbits would prefer a simple life of farming and family and friends, a life lived out in the cozy hillside holes of the Shire. Most hobbits never venture far from home, except for the occasional trip into Bree for trade. They prefer to stay away from the troubles of Middle Earth. A hobbit prefers a second breakfast to a grand adventure, but at the end of the Third age the troubles of the world will fall directly on The Shire.

They are about half the size of men, but cleaver, quick and nimble. They are skilled with bow and knife, but are better known for their quick wit than ability in combat. They lack the strength of men and Elves, but make up for it with a sturdiness of body and spirit unknown to either species. Their simple desires make them exceptionally resistant to the corruption of the ring and other dark magic.

A Hobbit can play as a Guardian, Minstrel, Hunter, or Burglar.