LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Elf

An ancient and immortal species, the Elves of Middle Earth live in seclusion in forested lands, and the great city of Rivendell. The elves are a tall and noble people, concerned more with the beauty of the natural world, and the composition of poetry and song than they are with the struggles of men. Although reluctant to do battle, the Elves are fierce warriors. Their long memories compel them to action when they see a new shadow stretch across the land threatening a return to dark times.

Sadly, Elves, the oldest of the species on Middle Earth are rapidly emigrating from their forest homes to a mysterious land across the ocean. Although they have been a driving force for the history of Middle Earth as long as they have existed, the time following the middle age will belong to men. The Elf numbers dwindle, and the most ancient among them have already departed the land

Elves can play as a Champion, Guardinan, Minstrel, Hunter, and Lore-Master