LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Dwarf

Dwarves are a short but sturdy people, who make their homes in the deep places of Middle Earth. They occupy caverns, and mountains, making their living mining, and forging weapons and armor with unmatched skill, strength and intricacy. . Dwarves are a secretive people, in part because they prefer to stay out of the business of other races, and in part because other races have no interest in venturing into the dark caverns Dwarves love. Once set to a task, Dwarves remain steadfast in their dedication until they complete their goal.

The strength and resilience of dwarves make them excellent warriors, and their unique traditions make them exceptional craftsmen. Though small, they posses incredible strength forged with the tools they craft in the forges deep within Ered Luin

A Dwarf can play as a Champion, Guardian, Minstrel, or Hunter.