LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Game World

At the close of the Third Age, during the War of the Ring, Lord of the Rings Online game world opens shortly after Frodo leaves the shire carrying the One Ring. The game world, at launch, will cover the time and locations of the first book, The Fellowship of the Rings, but because Turbine owns the rights to produce MMORPGs based on all three Lord of the Rings books and The Hobbit, we can expect the game world to expand. Sadly, those eager to enter Mordor may have to wait some time

The enormously popular fictional universe created by J.R.R Tolkien has spawned 5 movies, and dozens of games. To learn more about Middle Earth check out any of the books or movies linked below on the off chance that you’re the elusive individual who hasn’t already seen them.

Because Turbine owns the rights to the Lord of the Rings books we can expect to see an accurate and artistic recreation of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, but shouldn’t expect the locations to mimic the art of the movies. I expect that this will disappoint some fans of the series until they get their hands on the game.

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