LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Traits

The innovative and incredibly flexible system for specializing, and individualizing characters Turbine has invented focus and the acquisition and selection of Traits.

Traits can modify anything from character attributes such as strength, dexterity, agility, or they can modify specific skills such as adding damage, or increasing the accuracy of an attack. These traits will always be active, giving constant bonuses as long as they are equipped. Some traits even add new skills which can be activated during combat.

Traits will be earned through “accomplishments,” which Turbine has only so far described as rewards for adventuring. These may take the form of exploration, discovering lost ruins, or ancient temples; hunting, destroying specific enemy types; or simply using a skill until your character masters the technique. Others may be much more complicated, and we can imagine that earning a “legendary” trait will probably involve long quests through dangerous lands.

Once you have the traits, you’ll have to equip them into a limited number of trait slots. A Character, as it levels, will acquire Trait slots in four categories: Common, Race, Class, and Legendary. Any specific trait can only be slotted into the matching category. Common traits will be available to all characters, Race and Class traits are specific to the character you’ve chosen, and Legendary traits will be unlocked only at higher levels.