LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Goblin and Orc-kind

A twisted evil folk, Goblins, or Orcs, as they are also known, are a cleaver, but vicious race. They have the capability of speech, and a talent for invention, but their corrupt nature prevents them from using these skills to develop beautiful things. More dangerous than many more powerful creatures because of their intelligence, Orcs serve as the main foot soldiers of Sauron’s army.

Although both “Goblin” and “Orc” refer to the same species in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Turbine has invented some differences of appearance and behavior to enhance game play

Goblins are smaller, scrawnier creatures more likely to ambush an adventurer exploring underground passages. These creatures will rely on stealth and range to gain an advantage over unprepared opponents.

Orcs, being much larger, brawnier creatures wield huge weapons, and can wear bulky armor. They will not sneak, or hide, they have no capacity for these actions, but no need to perform them either. They stand enormous and obvious and threatening to present prey with the bulk that their meat will soon fuel.