LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Hunter

Preferring to keep her distance, the Hunter deals heavy damage with her bow, felling most beasts before they get within attacking range. The Hunter deploys traps to stop of slow a beast’s approach. Once she loses the advantage of range, the hunter is at a disadvantage. While competent with a sword, the Hunter can not equip heavy armor and may take more damage than she can deliver. Hunters rely on intelligence and strategy, not brute force to survive.

Working with fellowships, the hunter can use her skills to find paths, and increase the speed of travel through wilderness areas. The hunter’s skill at luring enemies into traps will allow the group to ambush prey, and the massive damage she deals with bow skills will be essential for attacking the most resilient enemies.

This class is available to Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits