LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online Watching Stone

Don’t trust the statues of dark lands. In the realm of Angmar, Eriador, and Arnor, tall and ominous looking statues contain malicious spirits known as Watching Stones. Long ago Sauron merged spirit with stone using craft and magic to construct these covert sentinels. With perfect patience, these watchers will wait years without movement, keeping watch over ruins. No statue is safe. The difference between dead rock and the Watching Stone is impossible to distinguish until it strikes.

The Watching Stone is inspired by the Watchers at Cith Ungol from the Return of the King. Although the Two Watchers described in the novel were immovable, Turbine has endowed these creatures with the ability to spring to life. They will inflict their terrible strength on any who attempt to cross into their territory.