LoTRO Lord of the Rings Online The Ered-Luin

Deep below the Blue Mountains, Dwarf characters will begin their journey in Thorin’s Hall, within the vast majestic caverns of Ered-Luin. Located next to the Silverdeep mines, and near both the Grey Haven of the Eleves, and The Shire, Ered-Luin servers as a crossroads, and gathering place.

The great halls of Ered-Luin represent the finest of Dwarf craftsmanship, and so deserve thorough exploration. The sight-seeing traveler should spend some time in Thorin’s Throne, the seat from where Thorin, Kind under the Mountain first set out on his journey to reclaim his ancestral home from Smaug beneath the Lonely Mountain.

Never before rendered visually, we know Ered-Luin only from the descriptions given by Thorin, and Gimli from the Lord of the Rings books. For the first time ever, this scene will become an important part of the adventure.